Sunday, January 24, 2010

"And remember, don't drive like my brother..!"

I love sunday afternoon Car Talk study sessions :)

and slacking off on saturdays! I went to Border's downtown and read the entirety of The End of Overeating, by David Kessler... and now I'm menu-planning, to prevent deviation from The Plan!

[The Plan: drop at least 5 pounds by spring break (march 17) in order to be far sexier than christmas-break-sugar-fiend mary and make the BF want to lavish and ravage all day long.]

The Plan has me gluten-free (not a big deal, actually!), mostly vegan (vegan except for the MASSIVE tub o' Nancy's I bought before starting the plan), and raw as much as I can (ugh.. fiber bloat).

but this book..! I liked it, all in all. I feel like Kessler gets it. he seems to have had a few love-affairs with food of his own, so he knows what it's like. I gained some tricks, including the planning - if I've got all the food I'm allowed for the day written down, there's no rationalizing food outside of it!

today was:

--Bob's Red Mill hot cereal with jam&brown sugga' for breakfast... and ho-made tabouli and a minneola for lunch! the tabouli is dank: half a bunch of IP (italian parsley, y'all), 1/4 cup of uncooked quinoa, cooked.., a roma tomato, a slice of diced red bell, a celery stick, and a tablespoon of raw pistachios. I doused it in lime, and put half aside for lunch tomorrow. WIN. I wanna make this this summer for my family!
--also, ho-made greek yogurt. oooh baby. with moreia's meyer lemonz and maple? yesh preese.
--dinner's gonna be a mish: roasted sweet dumpling squash with broccolini and sun-dried tomato pesto and navy beans.
squash: microdestruct it 'til it's soft, peel it, slice it, rub it with italian spices and salt and pepper, roast it, dice it.
broccolini: steam it, baby!
pesto: foodprocess SD tomatoes (5 of them?), clove elephant garlic, tablespoon raw pistachios, drop of oil, and red pepper flakes.
beans: maybe. I'm not sure I'll want all that, yet.

sigh... these guys make me feel so much better about my education, haha. I wanna hang out with click and clack :) they're about as seedy as my minneola I ate with lunch! ba dum chh!

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