Friday, February 12, 2010

"Because I'm leeeavin', on a jet plane!"

pretend like ben affleck's singing that. yeeeah. now you get it. oh baby baby baby baby. now pretend like britney's singing those baby-babies to you*. NOW you got it!

I'm in such a good mood - I get to see my man for the first time since december today at four for the whole long weekend! we're going to SB for the long weekend, his birthday, and v-day (wow!). I haven't had a valentine since motherfucking levi samuel warner (bastard bastard bastard!) senior year... and this man o' mine, hoo-doggy! it's a little like this: <3, with a little of this: :D thrown in for good measure.

and you guys, it gets better! I just had kasha for breakfast! (now pretend tracy morgan's saying that. yeah! too bad I can't find a vid online for that one.)

quarter cup buckwheat cooked in soymilk + chai concentrate. mix in chopped dates, moreia's almonds, almond butter, and a tiny drizzle of molasses. HELL YEAH. that's got me feeling "spunky" for the man!

he asked for spunky, btw. srs.

*2:12. seriously!